Equality Pennsylvania

So today I started a blog, and with it a pledge to donate $5 a week to non-profits who are making things better (or at least trying to against all odds).

For my first donation – in light of this Chick-fil-A bullshit – I’ve donated $5 to Equality Pennsylvania. They are, simply put, working to bring marriage equality to the great Keystone State. I chose them first because it’s completely ridiculous in every possible way that this country – both federal and state governments – still discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.  You’ve seen the memes of cranky white folk picketing interracial marriage equality with the caption “Imagine how stupid you’ll look in 40 years” and they’re completely, 100% right (or rather- “correct,” because saying they’re “right” when they’re actually “left” is just one of those fun semantics games we get to play!).

From a personal standing, I am straight, and I had to reconcile my own feelings about getting married last year when I have friends that couldn’t.  I am also a wedding planner, so you may ask yourself “But Natalie, wouldn’t you actually financially profit from the legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania?” and the answer is YES!  Yes, I bloody would!  And wouldn’t that be a marvelous thing!  For all the whining and posturing about how horrible our economy is and how high the unemployment is, wouldn’t it be amazing for Pennsylvania to share in the $259 million windfall that our neighbor to the north (New York, not Canada) received this past year.  If there were more same-sex weddings, I could grow my business from its little solo consultancy and be one of those lauded “job creators” I keep hearing about.  I might even have some disposable income to spend in places I like to spend money (i.e. not Walmart or Urban Outfitters but those are stories for another day).

But most importantly, I want to be on the CORRECT side of history, the side that values compassion and human equality.  Simple as that.


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