Bonus Donation! Maplewood NJ Cake School by Colette Peters

When I first started this blog and this quest (all of 1 week ago), I specified that the money would go to non-profits, but I’m donating my money to an non-non-profit.  While I won’t have the tax benefits, I’m happy to put my $5 wherever I think it’s needed.  And since it’s my $5 and my decision where to spend it, I’m going to ease off the restrictions because there is truly a lot of good being done across the board and I want to be able to support it.  I’m going to put $5 a week towards doing good.  Period.

So why is this a Bonus Donation?  Since this is a Kickstarter campaign and not a typical donation, it only actually comes out of my bank account is the project makes its goal.  So this is a “bonus” in the sense that there isn’t a 100% guarantee that it will get spent.  But in 2+ weeks I can tell you for certain if it did and – if I’m light on cash that particular week – I’ll count it then.

So now about cakes.  I don’t know Colette Peters.  I saw her a couple times on those Bake Your Face Off* competitions (*not the real name) and thought she seemed pretty delightful.  But I DO know one of her former employees and pastry protegés – Adrian – and SHE is extraordinary.  You know those people who are just super cool and march to the beat of their own drum and just have so much love to give that it seems to spill out of them?  That’s Adrian.  (It also bears mentioning that Adrian is one of those wonderful people I met through the YMCA Teen Leaders who were the recipients of my $5 earlier this week).  Maybe some day I’ll be half as cool as my cake baking compatriot, but in the meantime I will do my little part to help her mentor bring a little fun and beauty to the world.  My donation will hopefully go toward Colette’s goal of opening a cake school in her hometown of Maplewood, NJ.  The Garden State has always been good to me (for my many NJ friends, weekends in Ocean City, and Bruce Springsteen) so I’m glad to give back.

Also, I gave $10 instead of $5.  Why?  Well, if I can’t catch a tax break, at least I can get some cake balls, amiright?


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