Sikh Temple of Wisconsin Memorial Fund

This week’s donation is going to the memorial fund set up by the family of Sikh Temple President Satwant Singh Kaleka who was shot and killed last week while attempting to protect his congregation from a shooter.

A friend posted this article on Facebook, calling everyone out on their lack of outrage over this shooting.  “Why the Reaction Is Different When the Terrorist Is White”  paints a pretty ugly picture of a general public that poured its heart out for the victims of the Aurora movie theatre shooting, then barely has time to frown about the killing of 6 people in their place of worship.  (Although, I think the article should have been titled “Why the Reaction is Different When the VICTIMS Are White” since in both cases – Aurora and Oak Creek – the shooter was white… regardless…).

I’m not saying that others haven’t expressed appropriate concern over the Sikh Temple shooting or that we’ve expressed too much concern over the Aurora shooting, I’m only saying that I haven’t yet expressed appropriate concern.  The same way that I didn’t think buying a latte at Starbucks was the appropriate response to Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day (full disclosure: I spend money at Starbucks pretty much EVERYday), and I didn’t think going to the Dark Knight Rises movie was a sign of courage (I just wanted to see it), I think the best way for me to punctuate my feelings is to make a $5 statement in support of them.

So this week I am giving the families of the Oak Creek shooting victims my $5 and think it would be great if more people did, too.


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