Space on Ryder Farm

I’m taking a break from tragedy.  Chances are it will still exist next week when my weekly donation rolls around.  But this week I’m going to throw my $5 (well, $10) hat into a happier ring.

A friend e-mails me once a year with a plea to help his cause.  The cause is called SPACE on Ryder Farm and it’s a concept that I think more people could get behind.  This group has essentially created a pastoral venue just outside the gritty city streets of New York where artists can get away from the noise and just create.  I actually donated via iPhone on my way to a Board meeting for the Off Broad Street Theatre – a creative space in Philadelphia near and dear to my own little heart… but way more on that later.

We as a global population have gotten away from real, face-to-face contact.  We express ourselves using 140-character rants, and become armchair Ansel Adams’ with Instagram.  So I can REALLY get behind the idea of a physical space to gather in the same breathing room as other humans and find a way to express ourselves as a community… even as I type that sentence on my laptop. Aaaannnd signing off.


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